Pride & Passion Pty Ltd 

Our name holds our team to a high expectation and we are proud to say that we exceed those expectations every time resulting in 100% of our projects won through word of mouth referrals. Our philosophy for this result is simple, quality craftsmanship, passion for the industry, pride for the business that we are apart of and ensuring that customer service is at the forefront every time.

Pride and Passion Pty Ltd was established in 2013 and since 2015 has run as a fully licensed building company. We are proud to be apart of the Master Builders Association were we are involved in giving back to the industry, being involved in the improvements for the future and having a positive influence overall.  This also aid’s in the continuous development of our skills and knowledge ensuring we are up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies to offer our clients.

Our team offers all facets of the residential market from contemporary architectural designs, restorations and renovations to heritage restorations, knockdown/re-builds or complete major structural renovations and extensions.

We are based on the North shore and the Eastern suburbs of Sydney, exposing our team to some of the most beautiful areas Sydney has to offer. We are proud to contribute to this natural beauty and try to have a larger impact by been as environmentally friendly as possible preserving what we can and reducing landfill by recycling as many materials we can.

We work together with a carefully picked team of professionals who specialise in their area’s to help deliver your vision. This includes; engineers, architects and bathroom and kitchen designers maintaining that Pride & Passion only work with the best.

We ensure the highest standards from business principles, safety protocols, attention to detail, timely delivery and the most important thing, our client’s happiness. Any construction or renovation is a stressful process and comes with many issues to over come but we will ensure constant communication to ease as much pressure as possible and going the extra mile each time adding value throughout your build.

At Pride & Passion we are not only about getting the job done, we hope coming to the end you would have had a positive experience, built memorable relationships, like our projects before you and no longer feel just like a client.

Thank you for taking the time to read about us and please read on to our testimonials page. We look forward to hearing from you soon.